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Common Signs of Leaky Pipes

6/18/2020 (Permalink)

A leaky pipe isn't always glaringly noticeable. If the damage is occurring behind a wall or under the house; it may be able to go undetected for quite some time. That can allow light damage to turn into a big problem. If you suspect a leaky pipe in your home, watch for these common signs:

A Sudden Increase in your Water Bill

Aside from an expected increase (filling up a pool or heavy use of lawn sprinklers, etc.), an increase in your water bill may indicate a leaky pipe. It may start small and gradually increase or surprise you with a large bill all at once. Either way, it's a good idea to compare your water bill from one month to next and have a qualified professional inspect your pipes if it steadily climbs. 

Visible Organic Growth

Whether it's mold or mildew, if it's outside the shower, it may be concern for a leaky pipe. Mold needs moisture to thrive. If there's no expected source of moisture.. you may have a leaky pipe in the floor or behind the wall. 


Stagnate water begins to breed bacteria and other spores and produces a terrible odor. You may notice a "musty" smell in an area with a leaky pipe. 

Water Damage

Visible water stains on ceilings or walls are a good indication that water damage is or has been present. If the leak isn't coming from the roof, it could very well be a pipe.

One easy way to test for a leaky pipe is to shut off the water off and check the meter. If the water is completely shut off and the meter is still running, you probably have a leak. 

If you experience water damage due to a leaky pipe, give us a call at 270-360-0448. We're always here to help!

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